Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have a hobby!

So I finally did something I've been wanting to do for years; I signed up for a knitting class! Tonight is the last of three classes. I've yet to get past four or five rows before I just give up and unravel everything, but I get more and more comfortable each time I practice. My goal is to knit a scarf and fingerless gloves by next winter. At my current rate it will take me until then;)

Other happenings in our household:

- We gave up on ballet classes for Poppy. It became more of a stressor than we need so we just made the decision not to go back. If she shows an interest in the future (and I REALLY hope she does) we'll take her to a different place and hope that works out better. She got a really adorable dress-up costume out of it though!

- After reading other blogs about bird watching, I picked up a bird feeder on a whim one day. When I got home I realized I had nothing to hang it on so it's just sitting on the ground off of our back deck. But, the birds are coming and I am really loving trying to figure out what kind they are. So, I guess that's two new hobbies. The other morning Poppy said "look Mommy it's a carn-i-dal", and she was right. I can not tell you how awesome that was to me:)

- Speaking of Miss Pop and awesomeness...this was an exchange we had yesterday that Chris and I got quite a chuckle out of:

Poppy: banging on the oven door with a wooden toy hammer

Me: "Now I want you to ask yourself if you think that is an okay thing to do" (in hindsight, probably not the best choice of words I'll admit)

Poppy: "Is this an okay thing to do...Poppy?"

- Poppy was recently a flower girl in her old nanny's wedding. We were a little worried during the first run-through because she started crying when it was her time to walk. She quickly made friends with the other older (five) flower girl (and pretty much would have done anything for her she adored her so) and she eagerly walked and dropped petals alongside her. They both looked adorable and I think Serah, the bride, was probably the most beautiful bride I've ever seen in real life. She looked like she walked right out of a bridal magazine.

- We finally finished the painting project we started in December! We decided for the sake of our sanity to just hire someone. Now I can stop obsessing about paint colors and start obsessing about framing pictures and where to hang them! If I didn't have something to obsess about my life just wouldn't feel right:)

- I used some points from my reward credit card and got a little Canon point and shoot camera. In no way does it compare in quality to my DSLR, but it is a heck of a lot easier for certain things. And my husband can use it which is a huge bonus. I'm loving the video feature (this was taken at the wedding):

-In preparation for summer, we got Chloe a bike helmet. It's so big on her, I think it throws off her center of gravity:

It's a good thing she's just riding in a bike trailer.

-We went on a date night to see 'Date Night'. In my opinion you can't go wrong with Tina Fey (why can't she live next door to me? why, why why?) or Steve- put them both together and I'm there. I give the movie two drinks up:

Yes, I suggested we take pictures in front of the 'Date Night' poster because, yes, there was Bailey's in my coffee:)

- I named this blog "Holly needs a hobby" because it is one of my husband's favorite things to say to me when he comes home from work and I unload all of the things I've been thinking about all day long. He'll say "girl- you need to get a hobby!" I also thought the Holly Hobby thing was cute. It wasn't my first choice though. My first choice was "Does this blog make my butt look big?"- but it was already taken:)

What about you? If you have a blog, why did you name it what you did? And if you don't have a blog, why not! And what would you name it if you did?

I think this may be my longest blog post ever! What can I say? It's been awhile- I've missed you:)


Jeanie said...

Hi Holly!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Sounds like you are one busy lady. Your girls are so cute, love the video. Looking forward to meeting you this weekend!

Donna Boucher said...

Finally! What a great entry!

Okay....since you know popular culture like I do...how about Chloe posing as Simon from SNL?

All she needs is a cute English accent and some hyperactivity :o)

Yay birdies!
Yay video capabilities!
Yay knitting.

Now. Will you met me for knitting some day?
I would love that.

Stephanie said...

Are you wearing leather? ;) That's a super cute picture of you...you look so happy! love it.

Congrats on the knitting class. I want to learn someday, too. Please keep us updated.

miss pop=adorable nickname of the year


Allison said...

Well, I missed you too! Dang, girl, I just added you to my blogroll and then nothing!! No posting since Easter? Glad to have you back. My blog is named after a Laurie Berkner song, and alludes to my love of nature, being outdoors, and enjoying a shady spot from which to enjoy my life. Oh, BTW Love Tina Fey, too!

Anonymous said...