Friday, March 28, 2008

Moment of Zen (and a simple little request)...

If I may, to all publishers of pictures like this, PLEASE try your best to let people like me know what happened after the picture was taken. I will now obsess about this man and his horse and wonder how things played out that day in the river. Thank You.

And now your moment of Zen...

The little flower loves looking out of this window. She also loves her daddy. This is one of her favorite moments of the day:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Her latest thing...

This wagon was a Christmas gift from us and until now she was afraid of it:

What is the last thing you did that took this much effort and determination?

Just checking to make sure daddy is watching...

Okay so that's not the best idea I ever had. Let's regroup here...

Seems pretty solid. I think it's safe to proceed...

Maybe if I try this foot...

So far, so good...

Now the other leg...

Am I doing okay Daddy?

I did it!

There's only one thing...

How do I get back out?

So, if you're ever wondering what she's up to nowadays...this is it (complete with fingers in mouth)...

She still has a few bugs to work out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Impulse control anyone?

I am overweight. Plump. Portly. That's right. I admit it. I am actively seeking to change this fact. It is bad for my health and I want to be around long enough to not just know but actually play with my grandchildren. It also sets a bad example for my little one. Not that being fat is bad (no judgment here), it's just that it's bad for you. I firmly believe that you are what you eat and I intend to teach this to my children. The only problem is that while walking today I remembered that last year after Easter, CVS had lots of Easter candy on sale. So, since I had to go to the library and would be out anyway--who am I kidding? I couldn't get there fast enough for these babies:

note to selves: look into obtaining patent for pill similar to the one that alcoholics take that make them sick if alcohol is ingested but that reacts to key ingredient in Reese's eggs

Monday, March 24, 2008

What a difference a year makes...

Easter 2007:

We were very paranoid about RSV anything and everything that might possibly bring harm to our little one... so we stayed in...

and took these humiliating lovely photos...

Easter 2008:

We are less paranoid...we went out...

and took these lovely photos...

*Thank you Easter Bunnies (aka Nana Pam and Nana Bonnie) for everything you sent!*

EDIT: *and Mimi and PawPaw*

Friday, March 21, 2008

Moment of Zen

This video makes me want to move to England so my little one will have that accent. I love the baby's reaction. Too stinkin' cute...

Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Allow me to redeem myself.

Okay...this: "Reading about other people's lives brings me the same satisfaction as seeing into people's homes at night when I'm driving or walking by"-- sounds down right creepy. This is an excerpt from my first post in which I try to explain my newly found interest in blogs. What the...? I'm surprised the authorities haven't come a-knockin'. While I work on expressing myself better and not getting arrested, here are a few of my favorites for you to peruse at your leisure (I'm forewarning you, you may become addicted or maybe I'm just a big dork who indeed needs to get a hobby):

SouleMama-- This was the first blog I discovered. She makes me want to sew. And bake. And have lots of babies.

I Pretty Much Hate Everything-- The sarcastic, cynical side of me likes this one. She has a little one like me. And she lives in my favorite city of all time.

Mom in Madison-- This one makes me feel truly giddy about being able to raise my little flower in such a wonderful place. She has a cool website, too.

Dooce-- How is it that some people are such hilarious writers? And others (like...I don't know...Me) sound like rambling psychiatric patients.

and my most favorite blog of all, the one that the only child in me wants to keep all to myself but that just wouldn't be right is......

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman-- Can. Not. Get. Enough. Calf nuts, recipes, and Photoshop tips-- what more could a girl ask for?

You can all thank me later-- or not:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I can...

put barrettes...

in her hair!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A poem. A sick, sick poem.

reese's egg reese's egg
why do I love you so
you are not my friend but foe

you tempt thee every spring
your chocolate and peanut butter
positively makes my taste buds flutter

but I must resist
because my sweet
you make me the opposite of petite

not to mention you clog my arteries
and may one day give me diabetes

we can't have that
I don't mean to be curt
what what's that you say
okay okay
just one more can't hurt

*please do not reproduce in part or in whole without my expressed permission*

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend in Review

Another rip-roaring weekend over here on the left coast. We took not one, but two family walks...

Don't they just look so enthused!

If I knew how to use Photoshop I would've edited out the ugly cars, but for now just imagine it with me.

Having fun little one? I can hardly see you. Let's zoom in shall we?

Eh, I see some mild amusement. Oh well, it's better than this:

Our weather was beautiful again, albeit windy.

So windy that one of Chris' flip-flops blew off of our balcony never to be seen again. It's okay though because we lost the other one the same way last week. We're smart like that.

We also ventured out to Barnes & Noble. Chris wanted to buy a book that we could read together and discuss. We quickly discovered that he's a little bit country (read: fiction) and I'm a little bit rock-n-roll (read: non-fiction). We settled on Dickens. Talk about great expectations!

Before I go, I want to share with you my favorite weekend moment. As an Obama-mama (oh, how I love to say that--hee hee), this clip from SNL still has me chuckling, chortling even. Enjoy...and a Happy St. Patrick's Day to ye.

"May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

Friday, March 14, 2008

Moment of Zen

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Only in L.A.

We've experienced a few celebrity sightings over the past five years in the Los Angeles area. In general, I think celebrities are pretty useless. I would much rather our culture be enamored with ordinary people that do extraordinary things--not to be cliche. But...I have to admit that I was a little star-struck by Jessica Alba . I saw her twice. What's up with that?
Then there was the time I was on Bringing Home Baby for 17.2 seconds. The show was filming a couple I was discharging home with their new little bundle. That doesn't happen everyday or just anywhere now does it?
But the most interesting L.A. experience for me happened just the other night. As I flipped through the television channels I saw a familiar face that at first I had trouble placing. After watching for a few more seconds I realized--it's my OB/GYN...on television...and not just on television...on her OWN SHOW, a reality show about her and her two partners and their "teeming inner-city" OB/GYN practice. Check it out tonight Tuesdays at 10PM on Discovery Health and see where my little flower came into the world and who brought her into it. Thanks Dr. Hill and Dr. Bohn!

note to selves:
schedule appt. with Dr. Hill (overdue by 3 months already)
be sure to wear something decent (black would be good) to appt....just in case
a little lipstick/mascara wouldn't hurt either...again...just in case

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well-baby visit--15 months

Everything is peachy...
22 pounds
30 3/4 inches
1 polio vaccine (no tears=happy Mom)

As long as this girl has her cheerios, she's good. And as long as I have that little roll/dimple-thingy above her knee up there, I'm good.

This was after her shot...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I can't get enough...

of these little white shoes...

or of the little girl who's NOW WALKING in them...