Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hoard Drive

Promise you won't judge me? Promise? Okay. This morning I told Poppy that if she let me snap a few quick photos, I would give her two M&M's. She agreed. I took my pictures. She had two or six M&M's on the way to school. We were both happy. No harm, no foul, right? Good. Here's my issue...I have a really hard time deleting photos unless they are really terrible. Or of me:) For example:

This one is underexposed and not sharp enough, but I think it's a sweet picture of big sister reading to little sister. I can't bear to delete it:

I can't delete this because I just love the pained expression on her face. I know there will be one taken just like this when she is thirteen and we are on family vacation- it'll be so nice to compare won't it?: 

This one I really like. No tough decision here. I love the big bright blue eyed expression:

This isn't my favorite composition, but again, love the expression and her little head in her hands. It's another keeper:

This one is obviously over-exposed, but I can't delete it because every time I look at it in the future, I will be taken right back to when Poppy was 3 and 1/2 years old:)

Not the best expression (I can see the annoyance if you can't), but the hands and the chin. Just can't delete it:

This one isn't going anywhere. It's my favorite of all of them:

Love the childish eye-pulling. It's staying:

Love the pursed lips. Staying:

Thought about deleting it but it is so representative of this anti-pose-for-picture stage. I have many like this but it's still a keeper:

Outside now. This was just a test shot but I love the focus on her little hand and the eyelashes:

Large head, little neck and shoulders, hair pulled back, silliness. Staying:

SO Poppy:

And the reason I grabbed my camera to begin with:

So just imagine about this many pictures a day x 2 (can't forget about Chloe) x 365 x 18 or if I have my way 35. Something's got to give. What is a mom to do? I can't be the only one with this dilemma!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So the other day I mentioned I discovered something that has taken over my life. That something is the television show 'Project Runway'. I have no idea why I decided to put it on hold at the library a few weeks back, but I am so glad I did. Have you seen it? In case you are way out of the loop like I was, it's basically a fashion design contest hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn among others. The three top designers show a collection at Fashion Week in NYC. I believe the seventh season just wrapped up and I think it's aired on Lifetime or maybe Bravo (I get it from the library or netflix). 

I have absolutely no interest in fashion, but it is so interesting to watch someone create a garment out of a few yards of fabric. Sometimes they don't even have fabric to work with, which forces the designers to think outside of the box. I can't sew, but watching this show somehow makes me feel like with enough practice I could actually design and assemble clothing. I want to go out and buy a dress form just so I can teach myself to drape! As the season progresses, you can't help but choose favorites for which to root. Sometimes I can hardly stand the suspense as Heidi announces who is "in" and who is "out". 

I started with season one and I'm now in the middle of season four. I am forcing myself to limit how many episodes I watch in a week. I could easily watch a whole disc of episodes in a row and not get bored. I've done a good job of avoiding reading anything pertaining to Project Runway online. I made the mistake of googling something because I was curious and couldn't help but see who the winner is going to be this season. Needless to say, it takes away the suspense. 

Trust me, if you find yourself in a TV rut and you're looking for a good show to watch you should give it a chance. Only a hot mess would not like it;)  

Monday, June 21, 2010


In honor of the first official day of Summer (!)...a post:) It's a good thing writing this blog is not my job because I would have been fired a long time ago. Or at the very least would have several demerits. I just need to get into the habit of writing something every day, even if it bores ME. What have we been up to? I had a birthday which included sleeping in and chocolate cupcakes. Poppy started summer school. I was able to chaperone my first field trip (without Chloe) with her class. We took the city bus downtown, it's the perfect way to transport a group of preschoolers. I discovered something that has completely taken over my life- it deserves it's own post- stay tuned.

My goals for this summer:

- Get outside every Every. Day.

- Try and have cleaning/chores done by nap time so the afternoon can be fun time. Should be easy to do on school days.

- Prepare dinner early so we can stay out as late as possible. 

-Plan meals around what's fresh and local. We love summer salads for dinner. I'll be sure to share any good ones. 

- Can/jar as many things as I can get my hands on. Last year we made strawberry jam and we ran out mid-winter. This year I want to try tomatoes/sauce.

- Go to the pool as much as possible.

-Get a telescope and use it.

-Make it to some of Madison's family friendly events...there are so many and last year I'm not sure we went to any:(

- Discover new places to explore...parks, hiking trails, etc.- there are so many great places in our area.

- Try not to get any more depressed about the gulf oil disaster. Chris went to Tulane for undergrad and NOLA is his favorite place in the world. If this doesn't convince our nation to get behind making the shift to alternate energy sources- I don't know what will.

- Take lots of pictures and soak it in. There will only ever be one summer of 2010:)

What are your plans for the summer? 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A real smile:

Sisters swinging:



Post-nap happiness:

"Lucy" in time-out:

Baby bum:

Typical Madison:

Toe meeting tongue:

Two thumbs up:

Jackie Hutton:



Coloring and caffeinating: