Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fun

Chris and I went and worked out together this morning! Yea for us:) I'm trying to get him to come to yoga classes with me, too. I'll have to talk about my love for yoga another day because I could go on and on. Here's a video of Chloe trying to get to my computer. Don't mind the shoes in the background (or the plug- I was sitting right there), they're clean...I only wear them inside when I workout at home. So essentially they're brand new;)

I can only hope she maintains this positive reaction to the word "no"!

Off to take a family nap...aren't those the best? Especially after a good workout?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Have you heard about Joannie Rochette? She skated beautifully last night. I wish I could embed a clip but you can see it here.

Dear Joannie,

You were the embodiment of grace, dignity, and strength last night. I don't know how you pulled that off. You should be very proud of yourself. Your mommy would be.


a new fan

It was really unbelievable. My heart aches for her.


Speaking of figure skating...I spied these at a thrift store a while back and snatched them up before I even checked the size.

I've tried my best to use the Olympics to create some enthusiasm about ice skating. Poppy's first experience was...well...a non-experience, as she refused to even set one foot on the ice. She keeps telling me that maybe when she's older she might want to try again. Really? Well apparently you haven't seen this (Rachael Flatt skating at age three-you won't be able to stand the cuteness) my darling.

That's right. Time's a wasting Poppy, time's a wasting!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Almost Paradise

I am writing from a hotel room in Schaumburg. I am a very happy woman. My very caring and thoughtful husband is home with the little ones so I could get away for a few nights. ALONE. He rocks. This is also a little bit of an effort to wean Chloe, but judging by how acutely my (ahem) chest is aching I'm not convinced that will be a successful endeavor. I am:

Singing loudly in the car to adult music (and learning which songs to never, ever, under any circumstances sing karaoke)

Going where I want, when I want. ALONE!

Sleeping until 10:30am and finally getting out at 1pm

Watching ice-dancing uninterrupted (it's sad how much I miss DVR service- I maintain it's one of the best inventions of my lifetime)

Watching Intervention episodes on my computer (I recently discovered this show and I can't get enough- even though I really don't have much sympathy for addicts. The families are what get me.)

Eating Cheesecake Factory take-out (probably more than once)

NOT working out (even though there is a perfectly good treadmill available)

Shopping- I'm not generally a fan of shopping, but when I can plan what I need and do it alone it isn't too bad I guess. I picked Schaumburg because they have a decent mall with some stores that I like (that we don't have in Madison) and an Ikea (again, not in Madison). I'm also hoping to find a few decent thrift shops and maybe an art supply store.

Missing my family. Much more than I anticipated. I am thoroughly enjoying this solitude, but I'm so filled with gratitude for my family and looking forward to getting home to them refreshed and recharged. And nursing Chloe- ouch:)


I'm not sure why some of the pictures I post aren't showing up- on the last post I had a few pictures of the German pairs figure skating team. The man is biracial and resembles Barack Obama- an adult would never confuse the two (I would hope) but my three year old did.

A few posts back I posted a picture of Valerie Bertinelli as my inspiration for finally getting a gym membership. Have you seen her? Amazing.

I thought I would clarify since I'm obviously not good at sharing pictures from the web!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not PC

But, I'm going to share anyway.

Are you watching the Olympics? The only thing I'm interested in is the figure skating. I could sit and watch it all day. Last night Poppy and I were watching and the German team was skating:


As they sat to hear their scores Poppy said "there's Obama!"

Just a little side note- has anyone else noticed how many times President Obama is referred to simply as 'Obama' instead of 'President Obama'? I don't recall President Bush (or any other former President) being called 'Bush'. I find it interesting.


I couldn't help but smile. She always notices if he's on television and I can see how she might be confused:

2004293671.<span class=

Barack_Obama.<span class=

My sweet little innocent three year old:)

P.S. I have a question for you bloggers. When is it appropriate for me to share the source of a photo? It's easy to do from Flickr, for instance, but what about an AP photo like the one above. I want to give credit where credit is due. And not get fined or something crazy like that:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I mentioned Poppy started ballet classes. It's taken some time but she's feeling more comfortable. Much like her father and me, she needs to be eased into new social situations. She spent most of the first class sitting in one spot watching or just doing her own thing. She finally decided it might be fun to join in:

Little girls in ballet attire are quite possibly THE cutest thing ever:

Poppy is the one in the middle (with perfect form- wink wink):

She still does her own thing sometimes, but we're moving in the right direction:

It's not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

There is a recital in May at a local high school. I'm not sure how that's going to shake out- I'll keep you posted:)

Monday, February 8, 2010


February 2009











January 2010

First your daddy and I found each other.

Then we had your sister, Poppy, who made us a family.

Then we had you, who makes us a complete family.

Now we have EVERYTHING.

Happy 1st Birthday Chloe Elizabeth! You make my heart sing:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I can't believe I'm admitting this but...

...for the first time ever, I'm watching American Idol.

I remember laughing with a friend about how "that show will never last". Boy was I wrong. So despite the fact that I lose a little of my husband's respect each time I watch (we have both prided ourselves on being above this kind of television trash), I've jumped on the bandwagon. I'm not sure why, maybe because it's Simon's last season and Ellen's first?

I think it's just okay so far, obviously orchestrated for shock value/entertainment. I wonder though if every reject is really serious. Some of those people have to be planted or staged or something. Even still, I don't like all of the ridiculing. I don't think it's funny, even if it is fake. I realize it's a competition but still.

Do you watch? Do you agree? Who is your favorite American Idol? Do tell!