Friday, December 31, 2010

So long, farewell, goodbye.

To do:

Organize/backup all video footage.
Organize/backup all photos.
Start Project 365 
Take Apple one-on-one classes so I can finally learn how to organize/backup (and edit) videos/photos.
Make scrapbook for Poppy.
Make scrapbook for Chloe.
Make scrapbook of my childhood.
Make scrapbook of Chris' childhood.
Update baby book for Poppy.
Start baby book for Chloe (I saved everything and the folder is getting mighty full).
Print and frame some favorite photos.
Learn how to use my bread machine.
Learn how to use Lightroom.
Prepare better meals.
Update my iPod.
Eagerly await 'Project Runway Season 9'.
Paint some rooms in my house.
Spend more one-on-one time with the girls.
Spend more one-on-one time with Chris (hubba, hubba);)
Read more.
Play chess.
Perfect my nunchuck skills.
Watch 'The real housewives...'.
Sort/organize the girls' clothing. 
Chaperone more field trips.
Learn to play the piano.
Plant a garden.
Clean out my car.
Walk my dog.
Pet my cat.
Read blogs (of course).
Write my last blog post.
Print a blurb book of this blog.
Delete this blog.
Possibly, if I can think of something really creative, start another blog if I get bored.



p.s. Happy New Year!


Stephanie said...

Happy New Year, Holly!

If you ever want to meet up for some coffee or sewing or to teach me to knit (haha), shoot me an email. :)


(and please let me know if you start another blog...I will miss your words and pictures.)

Shady Trees said...

I stumbled across your blog one day and really enjoyed reading about your family and your daily life. I will miss it! Best of luck to you and yourr family!

Donna Boucher said...

Yes. I suppose this will force us to get together in real life...which I would like very much.

Would you like to go out to lunch or Starbucks soon?
Love you!!!
Have fun doing all of the wonderful things listed!

Stephanie said...

Hi Holly...still out there? Did you send me a pinterest thing once? are you on there? If you'd like to connect that way, I am stephanie gustafson. :) Just thought of you today and thought I'd say hi.