Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happiness is:

Family visiting:

Our first badger football game. I had never heard the term 'Sconnie'. I like it:)

Potato-Leek soup using fresh vegetables from our CSA share.  

My new haircut and color:

Family photos taken by Miz Booshay:


Anticipating the season premier of the Amazing Race later this month.

This phone message from Little Flower's preschool (she was home sick today- bilateral ear infection):

"Hi this message is for *little flower*. *Little flower* this is *awesome teacher* calling and we are calling from the rainbow room because we miss you so much today. And we hope that you are feeling better and coughing less. So we hope to see you very soon. We miss you in the class. From *awesome teachers 1,2, and 3* and all your friends in the rainbow room. Bye-Bye and a big hug!"

What a kind gesture. That message made our day.

What are you happy about today?


nana said...

poor pops what are you going to do about those ears of yours I LOVE YOU miss finger sucker i miss you also I LOVE YOU See you soon Holly Your Hair Is FABULOUS

Donna Boucher said...

Oh! Your hair looks fab! Great color. I need a better colorist....who did you go to?
Thanks for sharing the pictures and the linkiepoo :o)

Anonymous said...

I love your cut and color. It feels good to change your look every now and again,huh? Happiness is falling in love with my husband again each day, having God at my side, the weather.

love you,