Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Growns Up


Donna Boucher said...

She is just the most adorable little girl!!!

You pictures are in....and the canvas is on it's way.
I am posting the amusing email I got from Simply Canvas tomorrow on my blog telling me the canvas had shipped. Such clever folks there.

Stephanie said...

what cute pictures!!

Nikki said...

Hey Holly!

How is the new room at preschool? Alex is doing fine, although backsliding on the potty training big time. How is it that he was trained perfectly for a month and now... nothing. Then again, MAJOR changes to our household routine (going to bed at 8! getting up at 7! taking Talia to school by 8!) plus the new teachers etc. I'm going to give it another two weeks before I start putting him back in diapers. I got so used to not having to wash them... I guess this is a message more suited to email and less so to comments but... too late!