Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mad Snowman-building Skillz Yo

The weather outside certainly is frightful but we made the best of it today.

During Chloe's nap Poppy and I went "sledding" in the front yard. As was the case last year, her first snowy winter, she wasn't too impressed with the snow. I think she used her snowsuit twice last winter, for a total of ten minutes. If I could find a pair of gloves that would stay on her little hands she might be more eager to spend time outside in the bitter cold.

We did manage to build a snowwoman. She looks like the offspring of Jabba the Hut and Gene Wilder, with microcephaly:

Who knew it was so hard to take a picture of a snowwoman? So my homework assignment for tomorrow is to google "how to build a snowman" and "how to take a picture of a snowman":)

I decided today was a good day to bake. Someone was happy to join me (in last year's Christmas pajamas):

Our house was already a mess thanks to the painting project so a little flour wasn't going to hurt anything. She had the BEST time scooping and measuring and "making muffins".

I better at least get nominated for mom-of-the-year for this:

We ended the day with a special family movie night, something we've never done. After dinner and baths we all sat and watched 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' and had warm chocolate chip cookies in the family room. Poppy couldn't believe her luck. Neither could I.

It was a good day:)

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Stephanie said...

1. Love your new banner
2. Love Poppy's nightgown
3. tell your husband there's a house in belleville that could use his help when he's finished
4. do you get my emails when I respond to the comments you leave on my blog? just making sure. :)