Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4 days + 28 showings + 1 very patient realtor =

Our New Home!

If all goes as planned we will close in June but I can't possibly wait that long to show you around. Let's have a look-see together shall we?

This is the driveway (duh) and the garage is on the right:

Here it is!

Here's a better picture:

This is the view from the front porch:

This is the staircase from the foyer:

This is the hearth room: the kitchen is on the left and the family room is on the other side of the fireplace wall:

This is the family room:

I want to take these pictures to a furniture store and tell them I want an exact replica of everything. I think that rocking chair is an antique. At least I hope it is because it sure did make some funny noises when I sat in it to rock the little flower to sleep during the inspection. I seriously thought I might break it. But I kept rocking. I'm sorry. Does that makes me a bad person? I would've gotten up if I had heard it start to break, I swear.

Okay, back to the home tour...this is looking back towards the kitchen from the family room. At the very end of the hall is the door to the garage:

The hearth room again from the kitchen (that's our realtor, he's a very patient and sweet man):

This is the deck, screened porch, and yard (duh squared). I wish I had better pictures of the yard. I guess you'll just have to come visit to see for yourself:

I dropped my camera mid-trip (it was a painfully long fall). And then I cried and cursed. And then I borrowed two cameras to take more pictures but it just wasn't the same. I was so upset about my camera I neglected to take pictures of the mud room, laundry room, and the kitchen but I love them all just the same.

This is the fab staircase:

This is the hallway upstairs from the top of the staircase:

Straight ahead is this bedroom:

and at the opposite end of the hallway is this bedroom:

another bedroom (the peach will be leaving, say buh-bye):

If you can't find me, I'll be sitting in front of this window enjoying the view. Doesn't it look like a framed picture?

Here's the master bedroom and bathroom (and my deliciously sweet husband and baby- how cute are they)?

I'll give you one guess where all three of us will be together about 47 minutes after closing. That's that beauty of a backyard...just kidding!

This is the other bathroom upstairs:

And that's it!

I could show you some more pictures of the unfinished basement but I'll spare you. All you need to know is that eventually we will finish the basement and you will have a bedroom and a bathroom all to yourself when you come visit!

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