Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I miss my camera.

I love this new bag for the little one:

I ordered it for our trip to Madison (of course it wasn't delivered until we were in Madison) and I thought it would be perfect for her to use as she got older. I just hope she likes toile as much as I do. She will like everything I like right?

So...my old camera...I hate it. Because of pictures like this:

I was trying to get a picture of my baby girl with her new bag that she loves (because remember...she loves everything I love) but it doesn't take the picture when I want it to, it takes the picture when it wants to...here are some more lovely photos to prove my point...

See? Anyway, enough complaining for today. We are slowly going through all of our belongings and donating or tossing what we aren't taking to Madison with us. Apparently I'm attached to this carseat so it will be coming with us to Madison. For now it sits in our living room and I put the little flower in it this morning to see what she'd do. She liked it (notice the kitchen towel around her neck- life is never dull with a toddler):

This is what she used to look like in it:

Amazing. Then she saw one of her favorite toys (my old camera) and...well...it's irresistible to her:

Which is another reason I need my camera! Every picture I take will look like this until I have it back:

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