Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Apparently our little flower bud (staying with the floral theme) decided that bed rest and a cerclage wasn't enough excitement for one pregnancy. So she decided to spice things up and give us some trouble Sunday night. Long story short, I am back in the hospital for a few days. All issues have been addressed and I've been given a steroid to help with lung development should she decide to be REALLY dramatic and come early. I'm hoping to go home tomorrow. 

We are feeling truly blessed these days for all of our friends and family who are thinking of us and praying and offering to help in any way. We've had family come from out of state to help us out. We've had a very sweet friend bring over dinner. Today another friend graciously agreed to have the little flower over for a "play date" until Chris can come over and pick her up after work. Multiple relatives have sent care packages. We can only hope to pay it forward someday.

Another blessing...our new nanny. I was very hesitant to hire a nanny but given our current situation we thought it would be best. She has been with us for a week now and we could not be happier. She comes Monday through Friday from about 9-5 and lately has been more than willing to come early/stay late as needed. The little flower really seems to enjoy her company and vice versa, which is just priceless to me. They will start music classes next week. I will of course worry the entire time time they are gone but I'll just have to get over myself.

Speaking of blessings, eight little blessings to be exact. Last I heard all of the babies were doing exceptionally well, on room air already. I am so happy for that family and wish them well. And Mom plans on breast feeding the babies! Three words: YOU GO GIRL.




Stephanie said...

Oh. I hope this stay is a short one and that your little one decides to stick around inside for a while longer. Tell them it is soooo much warmer than outside, especially this week! :)

MamáChanga said...

Oh man! I'm sending sticky baby prayers for you girl! Rub that belly and tell her to stay put, nothing to see out here quite yet. So glad you have such a great network nearby, wish I was closer. Keep us posted please!

Hugs & Blessings AND MANY, MANY prayers!