Monday, February 23, 2009

Exhausted and Elated...

...all at the same time.

That about sums up our life these days. 

I shall now call her Superbaby because that is exactly what she is:


She is now over three pounds. I gave her a bath this week, her first tub bath. She didn't love it. She's been latching on while I hold her during gavage feedings. She gets tired quickly so it's non-nutritive at this point but it's good practice for later I suppose. She seems much more comfortable in our arms now, too. She opens her eyes more and quietly looks around. This is a silly face before a feeding, I think she knows what's coming:

It's been nice spending more time with our "Big Girl". She is saying more and more every day. Her latest thing is to tell our dog to be quiet when he barks. And she'll ask us to do something by ending her request with "come on". And she takes her clothes off all the time. Then we put them back on at her request. Then she takes them back off. Good times:

I've been trying to capture some of her latest cute sayings on video but every time I turn it on she clams up. I'll have to get creative and try hiding the camera next time. Thank goodness she still occasionally obliges me when it comes to taking still pictures. This is her before going to visit Daddy and Superbaby, she is so excited: 


We had our very own Oscar night last night. I am a total award show nerd. I love them, do not ask me why. The Academy Awards are my favorite. Chris is so sweet and good to me. He watches with me and pretends like he cares about the pre-show. He even made me a cocktail, my first in months. I thought Penelope Cruz wore the most stunning dress of the evening. LOVED IT. I can't wait to see Slumdog Millionaire. Have you seen it?



Nana said...

Superbaby! that is PERFECT She looks fabulous give lovun fron the nana

nkd said...

So glad to hear everything is going great. I was worried when I didn't see a post for a few days... We saw Slumdog and loved it. Also-- do you have a crockpot? I would love to pick it up sometime and drop it off (filled) the next day so you guys can have dinner.

Mam√°Changa said...

Awww....she's just DARLING!! Superbaby indeed, sounds like she's flying through her NICU stay & I pray it will stay that way.

Your package goes out in the mail tomorrow, my dear mom wanted to add her gift too!

Hugs & Blessings!