Monday, March 9, 2009

Swimming Lessons

The Little Flower started swimming lessons a few weeks ago. Chris has taken her every week but because he was on call this past weekend I took her instead. I seized the opportunity to get some shots of my little swimmer. Here she is in her warm-up suit that I bought her when she was a few months old. I just knew it would come in handy some day:

This is her teacher, Jess. Little Flower talks about Jess all week long. Probably because she does cool things like this:

She's learning how to float on her back:

And jump into the pool:

And swim to the side and climb out of the pool:

And of course splash!

We were worried that she might not want to be left alone with the instructor but she did just fine from day one. I would like to think that's because she knows we are close by...

...watching oh so proudly:)


Anonymous said...

That is TOO ADORABLE. I just want to squeeze her and say I am so proud of her for accomplishing this feat in life. The pool is a scary thing to some kids. Awesome. She looks so big in her warm-up suit.

Sheree Craig

MamáChanga said...

Oh, I wish we lived in a place where we had indoor swim lessons. Congratulations to LittleFlower, looks like she's right at home in the water & doing MAGNIFICENT with her swim lessons.

Hugs & Blessings!