Saturday, April 4, 2009

Everyone's Sleeping...

...except for me. I'm doing this:

I could spend hours upon hours editing pictures with Photoshop. Today I downloaded the latest action set from Pioneer Woman. I'm really loving her Seventies action.

I took the girls (I love saying that!) to see their pediatrician yesterday: 

Superbaby needed a weight check post-discharge. She's lost a few ounces so I will take her back next Friday for another check. She seems to be eating well so I'm hoping by then she will have gained back those ounces and then some.

The Little Flower came along because she has a bad cough:

Turns out she has another bilateral ear infection. She's on antibiotics again (she just had this same thing a few months ago) so I'm hoping she feels better soon. It's very difficult for her to understand why she can't touch or hold the baby as much as she would like. And it's even more difficult to explain to a two year old that she shouldn't cough directly into her little sister's face, or ours for that matter. Even Superbaby can only take so much germy droplet exposure.

We mustered up the energy to stay awake long enough to watch Slumdog Millionaire last night. I thought I would like it and I did. Chris was pleasantly surprised. I want to get the soundtrack and dance Bollywood style with my girls. Did I mention I love saying that? My girls, my girls, my girls:)


MamáChanga said...

Awww, Holly those pics are just DARLING!! Can I tell you how much I love seeing and reading about "your girls", it makes me all teary-eyed! LOL I'm just a big ol' sap at heart anyway.

Praying that Little Flower feels better soon, poor thing. And that Superbaby gains the weight (and then some) that she's lost since discharge! Keep on keepin' on! You're doing a wonderful job mamá!!

Hugs & Blessings!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

That poor baby is going to get sick of the camera before she can hold her head up by herself! :) But it will be so worth it to preserve these early, tiny days (okay, not so tiny, we are rooting for weight gins!). One suggestion is to further darken the brown cushion she is laying on...I am able to see the weave of the fabric and it would look better completely black. But that is just an editing have great pictures to work with!

Donna Boucher said...


I am so happy to meet you!
When you are able to get out a little bit, you will have to come and knit with Lynn and me :o)
We meet at Sows Ear in Verona from time to time.

Your teeny baby is beautiful and her big sister is lovely!