Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life is Good

Superbaby is eating/sleeping well.

The Little Flower is adjusting well for the most part. She has her moments. Some of those moments involve her newly found ability to spit. Loving that- NOT.

Chris has been home the last few days. We were finally able to hang a mirror in our guest bathroom. I bought said mirror last summer and it's been parked in our mudroom since then. He goes back to work tomorrow but he's off again for a whole week later this month.

I was able to nap with the baby all morning. Chris was able to nap this afternoon. Much needed and appreciated.

Chris is picking up take-out for dinner.

We still have Sunday's episode of the Amazing Race on Tivo. I'm hoping since we napped we can watch it tonight:)

I'm sitting in my bedroom pumping, watching Ellen, and listening to this sweet thing make those delicious newborn noises:


She totally smiled for you right as I was taking this picture with my Mac:)

1 comment:

MamáChanga said...

She's GORGEOUS!!! That smile has me grinning ear to ear, I can imagine adding the newborn noises to that completely melts your heart! I'm soooo very happy for you!

Hugs & Blessings!