Thursday, June 4, 2009

And I'm a Nurse!

Yesterday we met some friends downtown for a walk around the Capitol building. It was a gorgeous day. I've never appreciated nice weather as much as I do these days. I totally took the weather for granted the entire five years we lived in Los Angeles. I'm happier here so I'm sure that has something to do with it. That and the Winter we just endured.

The little flower insisted I take a picture of her and "orange baby" (we're working on calling her a more mainstream name like Lucy):


We stopped at some really neat shops that I wouldn't normally make a special trip to visit. Even though Madison is relatively small I get flustered at the thought of going downtown. It's the parking I think. We had lunch overlooking Lake Monona:



The little flower had so much fun with her buddies...right up until she tripped over her sandals while running and skinned her knees. I immediately felt guilty for choosing sandals instead of tennis shoes for her to wear. And for not having band-aids or Neosporin in my purse. 


We passed some Lilacs and just had to stop and admire. The little flower thinks smelling flowers, or anything for that matter, is the coolest thing:


We stopped on the way home to get some band-aids and a first aid kit for my purse (all good Moms have one you know).  I let her choose which kind she wanted and she chose Curious George. She couldn't wait to get home to "fix my knees". Here she is all fixed up, as you can tell by her face this was serious business:


That t-shirt was a gift from friends along with a matching "Little Sister" t-shirt for Superbaby. She was so excited to wear it. Thanks Conrad, Vivian, and Logan!

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MamáChanga said... sorry Little Flower skinned her knees. Don't feel bad about not carrying a first aid kit, we learned the hard way when LongRifle fell and ended up with a gash on her forehead right above her eye. Now there's a first aid kit in our car, band aids and Neosporin spray in my purse. Those are just things we really don't think about (until we need them that is)!

Hugs & Blessings!

PS: I forgot to say congrats on SuperBaby's weight gain-- WEIGH (lol) to go Super Mama!