Saturday, June 6, 2009

Glad to know I'm not the only one.

I particularly feel this way about the little flower after she falls asleep at night. It is a nightly challenge to get her to go to sleep. She wants fresh juice. Then she wants to say good night to Superbaby. Then to Mommy. Then to Daddy. Then she wants to sleep in our bed. Then she wants her other baby (whichever one she doesn't have at the time, requiring us to search downstairs). Then she wants to read. Then rock. Then she wants me to sing. Then she wants to take her pajamas off. Then she wants to say good night to the ladybug that she saw on the porch earlier in the evening, but not from her bed, she wants to walk down to the porch and look for her. If we say "no" because we want to stop the madness she wails. Then, of course, she asks us for a kleenex.

Once I know it is safe to check in on her I quietly slip in to her room. I adjust her covers so she won't get too cold (since remember now she's only in a diaper). I put her juice cup on her nightstand and lower the lights. Then I watch her sleep peacefully and hope she had a happy day. I hope I didn't raise my voice too much or speak in anger. I wonder if she learned anything. I wonder if I gave her enough attention, hugs, and kisses. Just in case, I give her a soft peck on the forehead and whisper "Mommy loves you". And then...I run like the wind out of there before she wakes up...


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