Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hoard Drive

Promise you won't judge me? Promise? Okay. This morning I told Poppy that if she let me snap a few quick photos, I would give her two M&M's. She agreed. I took my pictures. She had two or six M&M's on the way to school. We were both happy. No harm, no foul, right? Good. Here's my issue...I have a really hard time deleting photos unless they are really terrible. Or of me:) For example:

This one is underexposed and not sharp enough, but I think it's a sweet picture of big sister reading to little sister. I can't bear to delete it:

I can't delete this because I just love the pained expression on her face. I know there will be one taken just like this when she is thirteen and we are on family vacation- it'll be so nice to compare won't it?: 

This one I really like. No tough decision here. I love the big bright blue eyed expression:

This isn't my favorite composition, but again, love the expression and her little head in her hands. It's another keeper:

This one is obviously over-exposed, but I can't delete it because every time I look at it in the future, I will be taken right back to when Poppy was 3 and 1/2 years old:)

Not the best expression (I can see the annoyance if you can't), but the hands and the chin. Just can't delete it:

This one isn't going anywhere. It's my favorite of all of them:

Love the childish eye-pulling. It's staying:

Love the pursed lips. Staying:

Thought about deleting it but it is so representative of this anti-pose-for-picture stage. I have many like this but it's still a keeper:

Outside now. This was just a test shot but I love the focus on her little hand and the eyelashes:

Large head, little neck and shoulders, hair pulled back, silliness. Staying:

SO Poppy:

And the reason I grabbed my camera to begin with:

So just imagine about this many pictures a day x 2 (can't forget about Chloe) x 365 x 18 or if I have my way 35. Something's got to give. What is a mom to do? I can't be the only one with this dilemma!


Stephanie said...

What is this "deleting" you speak of?

Never heard of it.


(LOVE the polka dots and her matching hair clip. that would have sent me for my camera, too)

Stephanie said...

okay, I just saw this on my bloglines and GOT it. HOARD drive...hehe. Earlier I was like wha the??? I mean, I got the hoarding part but didn't put it together with the drive part.


you=clever ;)

Donna Boucher said...

I wouldn't delete any of them either!
You are getting better and better every day!

Yay for Poppy letting you take pictures :o)

Keep it quick and give her a big thank you hug....
she may turn into a Katie after all :o)

I think you are just getting too good...and all your pictures are keepers :o)

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VW said...

Cutie pie. :)