Monday, June 21, 2010


In honor of the first official day of Summer (!)...a post:) It's a good thing writing this blog is not my job because I would have been fired a long time ago. Or at the very least would have several demerits. I just need to get into the habit of writing something every day, even if it bores ME. What have we been up to? I had a birthday which included sleeping in and chocolate cupcakes. Poppy started summer school. I was able to chaperone my first field trip (without Chloe) with her class. We took the city bus downtown, it's the perfect way to transport a group of preschoolers. I discovered something that has completely taken over my life- it deserves it's own post- stay tuned.

My goals for this summer:

- Get outside every Every. Day.

- Try and have cleaning/chores done by nap time so the afternoon can be fun time. Should be easy to do on school days.

- Prepare dinner early so we can stay out as late as possible. 

-Plan meals around what's fresh and local. We love summer salads for dinner. I'll be sure to share any good ones. 

- Can/jar as many things as I can get my hands on. Last year we made strawberry jam and we ran out mid-winter. This year I want to try tomatoes/sauce.

- Go to the pool as much as possible.

-Get a telescope and use it.

-Make it to some of Madison's family friendly events...there are so many and last year I'm not sure we went to any:(

- Discover new places to explore...parks, hiking trails, etc.- there are so many great places in our area.

- Try not to get any more depressed about the gulf oil disaster. Chris went to Tulane for undergrad and NOLA is his favorite place in the world. If this doesn't convince our nation to get behind making the shift to alternate energy sources- I don't know what will.

- Take lots of pictures and soak it in. There will only ever be one summer of 2010:)

What are your plans for the summer? 

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