Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving is Fun

Well, over the weekend we sold off a few more pieces of furniture. I love Craigslist. If you aren't familiar with it, it's an online classified ad, sort of like e-bay. I don't use e-bay. I know many people that do and they really like it but I prefer Craigslist. I like the idea of buying/selling local. And buying something used, which I've come to learn is called thrifting. I've only recently, say in the past few years, gotten into thrifting.

I never used to get why people would turn their cars around if they saw a garage sale sign and go out of their way to look at other people's junk, let alone spend a whole day driving from garage sale to garage sale. I get it now (although I'm not that bad, yet). There is something to be said about a piece of furniture with a history. While a nice piece of used furniture isn't always less expensive than something new, if it is all the better. I also like that when I buy something used, it's one less thing that goes into a landfill somewhere.

So, thrifting is my new best friend! What about you, you are agree or ish don't think so (it would make my day if any of you got those references- because then I wouldn't be alone in my dorkdom)? Where was I going with this? Oh I sold some furniture, our kitchen table and chairs. In hindsight, I probably should have waited a little longer to post the ad but I was excited. This was our dinner situation last night:

That would be our coffee table complete with corner pads lest our little flower bump her head. It wasn't as unsanitary as it looks (I mopped). Sometimes the smallest deviation from the little one's routine will set her off but she was into it. And with a little help from some pinot noir, we were too. It was one of those times that I think to myself, how did I ever get so lucky? I've been feeling like that a lot lately...and not just because of the pinot!


Karen said...

You have such a good attitude about moving! I must say it's one of my least favorite things. We moved into what I hope will be the last house we ever buy this past Easter, and I still have a room with about 15 unpacked boxes in it. Ugh! I just can't seem to get in there to finish that unpleasant task....

dlyn said...

Great pics! Thought I would come to see your blog after seeing the photo you submitted on Kacey's blog. Our daughter and her family have just moved into their new house after staying with us for 3 months, so I can really appreciate your excitement. Love the pics of your daughter and husband!