Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick Update

We're all in Madison, safe and sound. We closed on our house yesterday and moved in last night. Piper (dog) and Choki (kitty) are still freaked out- although Piper is LOVING the yard. The little flower is going with the flow. She slept in her own room last night for the first time (she's always been in our room with us) and I was worried she would wake up scared and crying out for us but she just sat and talked to herself. As for Chris and I, we constantly feel like we need a Tums. I'm really hoping that sometime soon we'll be able to relax and enjoy this time.

I'm going crazy without internet access. So much so that I came to the library first thing today to get a card and hop on the computer. It's amazing how disconnected from everything I feel without it- I'm hoping we'll have ours up and running by Tuesday. Until then, take care and GO BADGERS!


Karen said...

Aaah, Tums. Nectar of the stressed and pregnant.

MamáChanga said...

So glad you are finally home safe. Hope everything smooths out for you all (or is it now y'all where you live?). Think positive, at least the Tums will provide you with more calcium!

Hugs & Blessings!