Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I can't believe I'm admitting this but...

...for the first time ever, I'm watching American Idol.

I remember laughing with a friend about how "that show will never last". Boy was I wrong. So despite the fact that I lose a little of my husband's respect each time I watch (we have both prided ourselves on being above this kind of television trash), I've jumped on the bandwagon. I'm not sure why, maybe because it's Simon's last season and Ellen's first?

I think it's just okay so far, obviously orchestrated for shock value/entertainment. I wonder though if every reject is really serious. Some of those people have to be planted or staged or something. Even still, I don't like all of the ridiculing. I don't think it's funny, even if it is fake. I realize it's a competition but still.

Do you watch? Do you agree? Who is your favorite American Idol? Do tell!


Katie said...

just wanted to hop over and say I loved how you put into words your comment on Clover Lane today!

Donna Boucher said...

I watch, but not completely and totally.

This part of the season bugs me. It's all so long and drawn out and I don't like wasting my time watching morons. (sweet) But I have enjoyed seasons in the past. Last year I was really irritated by Adam's screeching and Kris winning. Kris Allen has to be the most boring Idol ever.
I did not watch the year Carrie Underwood won.
I remember thinking Kelly Clarkson blossomed on the show and I think she was very good.

I love reality television tho. I do not know how I am suppose to watch American Idol, Biggest Loser AND Lost at the same time. I can only Tivo two things.

American Idol may have to go on Tues. nights.
Or I will just watch the last 1/2 our Loser. I love those weigh ins. But that's about all.

Gah. I am a loser.

Stephanie said...

I don't like Idol or any of the dancing shows or biggest loser BUT I love reality TV. Not trashy stuff like Bad Girls Club but Celeb Rehab on VH1 is really good and Top Chef and Project Runway are long time favorites.

Katie said...

Oh I agree with you ;)

Mind me asking what type of RN you are?

Holly said...

Katie- I haven't worked since my oldest was born but I worked in a mother/baby unit. After having two preemies, I would love to work in the NICU someday:)

Nickie said...

I think we all have our guilty pleasures. Mine has to be The Batchelor, despite the cheesy "On the Wings of Love" theme this season.