Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feeling Fortunate

We've been very blessed and lucky where our little flower is concerned. As I've mentioned before and many of you know, she was born 10 weeks early. She had a rough start I'd say. But she pulled through and is now a typical 18 month old. On top of her having no health issues to date to speak of, she's an exceptionally well behaved little one. Don't get me wrong, she has her moments as all children of this age do, but she's otherwise very easy going.

For instance, she's a good sleeper. A great sleeper, and I cannot express to you enough how thankful we are for that. The few times she's had trouble sleeping (teething, colds) were not good times in this household. My husband and I both need sleep. When we don't get it we start saying things like "maybe she should be our one and only" or "being an only child wouldn't be too bad, right?" Get my drift?

So, last night was a teething night- I think. It could have just been a thirsty night or an I need an extra hug night. Whatever it was, I didn't mind. I was glad to be the one to go in and comfort her back to sleep (we were still awake). As I stood at the side of the crib she clung to me on the tips of her toes. She lifted one leg and tried to wrap it around my body as a baby chimp would do. I had to reward that with a pick-me-up and a hug. I pressed my lips to her head and took in the smell of her soft hair. Those are my favorite "mommy" moments. It's such a nice feeling to comfort my child. To just stand in the quiet and hold my baby. It doesn't get any better than that. Not even a warm brownie topped with coffee ice cream comes close. But it is a distant second.

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Karen said...

You can feel even MORE fortunate knowing that my children (ages 3 years and 22 months)have yet to sleep through the night *grin*