Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm officially an old lady.

We were feeling wild and crazy this weekend and decided to step outside of our comfort zone (read: stop being lazy) and attend a local Memorial day parade. I'm so glad we did. It was a first for our little one and fun for all. We found a perfect spot in the shade:

This plane flew over to get things started. It was very loud (old lady):

The parade was in La Canada, CA. A very cute, quaint by California standards, city. Town? Village? Whatever, it's not too far from where we live:

Parades are so comforting and wholesome aren't they?

There were lots of Cutie P. Tooties (do I even have to say it- OLD LADY):

How did that get in there?

And no post featuring Cutie P. Tooties would be complete without my own little cutie:


Karen said...

Parades always crack me up. People line up on the streets to wave at people they would never usually wave to on any other day. Have you ever heard of the Mummers? You should check them out - http://www.mummers.com. I actually dated a Mummer once. They're like rock stars to Philadelphians ...

Tanya said...

Hey. I came by way of Karen's "Life in the Crazy Lane" (goosbynewsby.blogspot) site. You must be a scrapbooker!! Only scrappers take this many pictures of people they don't know at a Memorial Day parade. :) I have scrapbook site (though rarely updated). Feel free to check it out: www.StampSomeMore.wordpress.com