Monday, March 22, 2010

Memory Lane

As I searched through my photos to find a more spring-appropriate header picture, I was taken back in time. Back to California, to our tiny one bedroom apartment that in the summertime was so stifling hot that we were forced to check into a hotel to escape the heat. We did not like living in Los Angeles. I counted the days until we left. But our time there was special.

Those were the days when Poppy was in the infant seat:

and teething:

and in the carrier:

and the high chair:

One of my favorite things about that little apartment...Poppy's crib was in our room, at the foot of our bed:

My world revolved around her. It was not uncommon for me to just sit and watch her sleep:

Eventually she would wake up:

And we would have our daily photo shoot:

We had a large balcony with a spectacular view. We loved sitting outside at dusk:

I cherish that time. What I wouldn't give to hold that baby again, if just for a moment.

But isn't this what makes each moment, each day of our lives so special?

Once the day is gone...'s gone.

Live in the moment! And take pictures!

And when you look through them years later...have a tissue handy:)


Donna Boucher said...

Oh Holly!!! These pictures are just gorgeous!
The light is gorgeous in California. Did you notice?

You and your husband are the sweetest and best parents!! Your delight in your children just shines!!!

I loved this post!

And now I want to live in California.

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful header! I loved seeing all these pictures of Poppy...they are so sweet and I know just what you mean. I spent a lot of time just staring at James, too. :)

She was and is SO darling.

Holly said...

Donna- yes the light was great and our little place up on the second floor was very conducive to picture- taking. I had linen curtains and they helped to make the most beautiful diffuse light.

You have no problem finding the light here in Wisconsin- no need to move to Cali!

Steph- Thank You:)