Monday, March 1, 2010

This and That

Poppy wanted to play outside this weekend so we decided to try and go sledding in the backyard:

It didn't go so well (but I'm loving my new camera lens!):

If you can't tell they are both crying:

In other news...Chloe is not only crawling but starting to pull herself up on things. I walked in to her room last week and found her sitting up in her crib (she's figured out how to stand, too). I was shocked and couldn't help but laugh. I can't believe how much she's advanced developmentally in just the past month.

She also has two teeth now (her first).

My shopping trip to Schaumburg went well, wouldn't you say?

Out of all of this, Poppy was most thrilled with the glue and scissors:)

And last but not least! I made this valentine for Poppy to discover at school. I am NOT crafty, but I try. I got this idea from Martha Stewart and while it isn't perfect, I was pleased with how it turned out. And Poppy loves it which is all that matters.

I think a whole bouquet of these would be adorable in Poppy's room. Chris gave Poppy her own little bouquet of flowers for Valentine's day. We put them in a little vase on her bedside table. She thought it was the coolest thing since the moon. So did I:)

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Allison said...

Hi Holly-

Thanks for stopping over. My goodness your wee ones are stunning. Such fair skin! I take my Ella in for her 18 mo appt. tomorrow and I am just FLOORED by that fact.