Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunshine, Stars, and Straight Talk

We are enjoying lovely weather this week, sunny and in the high 50's. We met some friends at the park for a picnic yesterday. This particular park has a shoe slide. So cute:)

I really wish I could get this kid to eat something other than a cheese sandwich for lunch. I packed an egg salad sandwich, a cheese sandwich, cantaloupe, pineapple, and broccoli. I knew the little girl we were meeting liked broccoli and I was hoping that the peer pressure would lead to Poppy eating the broccoli. It didn't work, "little tree" talk and all. She ate a tiny piece of cantaloupe and the cheese sandwich. I try to sneak veggies into as much as I can but it's really hard with her. She's really funny about the texture of food so even if she can't taste it, she can feel it in her mouth and will spit it out. I will stop boring you with the details.

The park is next to the zoo so we stopped by before leaving. It's free so it's worth a trip even if you can't stay very long.

When we got home we continued our picnic in the backyard. I can't wait until we can start having lunch (maybe breakfast? dinner even?) outside. The clean-up is so easy!


I missed Dancing with the Stars Monday night so I watched it last night online. Pamela Anderson is perfect for that show. I wonder if this season's ratings will be higher because of her? I feel for the pro's that are paired with stars that obviously will not go far. I wonder if the pairings are random?


Poppy likes to point out the elementary school down the road from our house when we drive past. She knows that she has two more birthdays before she'll go there. After she reminded me of this fact this morning, she added:

Poppy: "I get lots of presents for my birthday"

Me: "you sure do, but you know...the best thing about your birthday is that we can all celebrate you"

Poppy: "me?"

Me: " is your day to realize how special you are...presents are nice but they aren't everythi-"

Poppy: interrupting me "I don't like carrots"

We then passed a lake.

Poppy: "you have to be very careful if you see a duck so you don't fall in the water"

Me: trying to reinforce the importance of floating on her back "yes, that's right. Do you know what to do if you fall into the water?"

Poppy: "wear goggles!"

And with that I wish you a happy Wednesday!


Stephanie said...

heehee, goggles. :) Your shade thing looks awesome..would you share details?

I love our free zoo and that playground. (the tree one inside the zoo, too, but that gets crazy for the littler ones)

Looks like a fun time! (I totally would have eaten all of that lunch!)

Allison said...

Oh my goodness, I just love the shoe slide. There was an old woman . . . anyhow, tee hee. CUTE!