Monday, March 15, 2010

Sun, sun, it comes:)

Despite being sick (I now have the voice of a man...lovely) I was able to get much accomplished this last week. I completed a long overdue project for Poppy's preschool classroom, we gathered all of our tax stuff for the accountant, and I took everything I've been saving to donate to the thrift store. It feels SO good.

I guess this is Chloe's idea of helping with the taxes:

We went to the playground today. It's beginning to feel very spring-like in our neck of the woods! This year Chloe was able to participate:

When we got home we stayed outside until it got chilly. I put down some blankets on the brown soggy grass and we all basked in the sun.

At dinner tonight, Poppy asked why we were eating dinner when it wasn't dark outside. Kids are so perceptive. I hadn't even noticed.


Last night Poppy hit Chloe and Chris and I were helping her find the words to apologize.

Chris: "I'm sorry for hitting you Chloe."

Poppy repeated.

Me: "And I won't hit you again because hitting is not nice."

Poppy repeated.

Chris: "I love you Chloe."

Poppy repeated. And then added one last bit of her own:

Poppy: "Amen."

Is it wrong that this makes me smile? I love that kid.


Donna Boucher said...

It is not wrong...It is perfect and sweet.
Children really do say the best, funniest, sweetest things....
My sister Cindy was always telling me to write it down.

You have the girls facing the right direction :o)
Good pictures in full sun. Not easy!

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................