Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Reality

Chris started his new job today so it's back to my daily routine with the little one. I would love nothing more than to put her down for a nap and sit at the computer and blog/read blogs. Today however, I have an appt., the house needs some cleaning, I need a shower, she still needs a nap.

As soon as I have some time though, I will be posting a poll. We can not agree on two chairs for our "hearth room". It is an area off of our kitchen with a fireplace. It has a built-in window seat and as of now nothing else. We thought this would be a good room to start with in terms of furnishing. So, I'm hoping to get some opinions on not only which chairs you all like but some fabrics as well. We need help, and some place to sit besides our bar stools! Please stay tuned...

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