Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Too cute.

We are trying to teach the little flower to greet someone on the telephone. We often will ask her to "say hi" to whomever we are speaking to on the phone. This morning after we tripped our alarm system accidentally (for the 4th time- at least) the alarm company called. After I hung up the little flower grabbed the phone and put it to her ear and said "bla-da-do-wa-wa" or something similar. I asked if she could "say hi" to her imaginary phone friend. She waved at the phone. I then asked her if she could "say hi" into the phone. She turned the phone towards her free hand and waved into the phone. If only we had a video phone...

Thanks to everyone for your design expertise!

I FINALLY added a list of my favorite blogs/sites- go see for yourself!

Apparently, it's an exclamation point kind of day!


MamáChanga said...

Don't worry, Da'Gorgeouses are 2 and still wave and blow kisses at the phone! It's waaayyy too cute! I do wonder however (well, the teacher in me does) how long it will be before they figure out the person on the other side of the phone can't see them.

Hugs & Blessings!

Laura said...

I have exclamation point days cracks me up.

Having fun checking out your blog (!)

Laura from We Don't Buy It

Stephanie said...

heehee, I just used a lot of exclamation points yesterday. Hey! Thanks for adding a link to me...I will be adding a current list like this on mine, too, and will include your lovely blog.

:) Can't wait to hear what you decided.