Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've never looked so forward to naptimes.

My sweet little flower has become quite a handful. To the outside observer a "brat". The thing is, she's not a brat. I would know, I can't stand bratty kids. Uh-Oh.

She's always been very easy. I've taken her practically everywhere with me since she was about 4 months old (prior to that I was afraid if I took her out in public she would die of RSV). Looking back, I think part of what made it so easy the first year was that I was breastfeeding. If we were out and she started to fuss, I could find the nearest private area- my favorite was the lounge at Nordstrom- and breastfeed her until she fell asleep.

After she stopped breastfeeding, I was able to satisfy her with a cup. As long as she had a sippy cup, we were good. When the novelty of the sippy cup went away, I moved on to bigger and better things like snacks. And up until...oh...YESTERDAY those bought me a good ten minutes or so.

We recently switched cell phone companies and got new phones. My old cell phone was missing most of the numbers on the keypad because I made the mistake of letting the little one play with it once (to buy some time to finish doing something important I'm sure)- and that was the beginning of the end for that phone. We'll recycle my husband's old phone, but since mine has seen better days, I use it as a last resort just-need-a-few-more-minutes-to finish-doing-whatever-it-is-I'm-doing toy. It still has that kind of power, missing buttons and all. It's only a matter of time though.

My hubby thinks it makes the situation worse if I give into her fussing and take her out of her stroller*, for instance. But, the only alternative is to leave her strapped into her stroller, crying, as I calmly concentrate on whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing. Yeah, right. His suggestion is to simply leave the store (or wherever we are) if she starts to fuss, wait until she calms down, and then try again. In theory-sounds great. In reality-not so much. I think if she were 2 1/2 to 3 that might work. But she's 20 months. She basically wants to walk/run wherever she wants, whenever she wants, especially in stores.

We went to a friend's house last weekend for dinner and it was pretty much a disaster. She wanted to run around and touch plasma televisions and things of that sort. We had to leave shortly after the meal. We cringed together all the way home realizing, we're that couple. With that kid.

The point of this rambling post is for me to find out- how do/did you do it? Does this phase go away? Quickly? Please? I love that she is developing normally, that she is curious and wants to explore the world around her. I really am thankful for this every day, every moment. I do and will continue to remind myself of this. It's just that I'm having a hard time getting anything done around here!

*I recently purchased an ERGO carrier (which I love and would highly recommend for a child of her size) thinking she would prefer being close to me over sitting in the stroller, however, my sweet little flower will have none of it...I will definitely try and utilize it more if/when the next little one comes along...


Karen said...

My oldest is 3 1/2 now, and she's gotten a lot better about shopping and stuff now. She likes to try to help with the shopping, even. Until then, hubby came along on errands as back-up.

MamáChanga said...

Yeah, I wish I had some good news or advice for you. Imagine little flower's behavior multiplied by two. I will say that at least they take turns, I'll give Da'Gorgeouses that.

I do have to give them credit, for the most part they are well behaved and reserve tantrums for home and specifically for mommy yelling "help daddy" while screaming and crying as loudly as possible to add to my frustration.

When we do go to the store, we play a lot of games and sing a lot of songs while shopping (ABC's, counting numbers, pointing out colors, Old McDonald, Down by the Bay, etc.) I no longer care who is staring at us or who might be listening, it keeps them entertained and generally allows me to shop. I have to admit though, shopping without 2 little ones in tow has now become a "mommy treat". LOL!!

Sorry I'm not much help, but please, if nothing else, I hope it makes you happy that someone else KNOWS your pain--LOL!!

Hugs & Blessings!

Anonymous said...

The phase ends only to return later on in life. Our little man has had the attitude and issues lately but is coming out of it. I was ready to run away. When he was little we did not have that rough of time but when we did, we spanked his hand when he went to touch something forbidden and explained that was a pretty, not a toy. It seemed to work well for us. When he would throw fits, I just walked away and told him bye, you sit and throw your fit and I am going to have fun elsewhere (make up somewhere or some fun activity). I would not take 5 or so steps before he was up by my side ready to see something else. Try giving her a job while in the store. Maybe to spot all the foods daddy likes to eat or holding a prescious item making sure it stays safe. Make a box of cookies sound like gold and it is her job to keep them safe. Even bribe her with them. If she keeps them safe the whole time you shop or do your errand, she can have 4 or so of them.

Hope some of this works to get you through this rough time. Always make sure you and Chris appear on the same page in front of her as to not confuse her or make it seem one parent is "nicer" than the other. That will only cause friction between you two. If there is disagreement, take it away from little flower and discuss. Goood Luck.


Mama Zen said...

When mine was that age, I couldn't take her anywhere. There hasn't been a stroller or carrier built that could contain her. But, it passed . . . eventually!

gardngirl said...

Be thankful your "little flower" is not a little redhead (boy)!!! The phase you describe has been going on in our household for two and a half years now!:)

Naps are glorious gifts from God!