Saturday, July 5, 2008

These little piggies went to the market.

We've been looking forward to going to the Dane County Farmers' Market since we learned we were moving to Madison. This morning we got up at 6am, which is almost unheard of for us on a Saturday morning, and headed out. We were hoping to beat the crowd and apparently everyone else had the same idea. I suppose next time we'll have to make it 5am. We're hard core like that.

It is the largest producer-only farmers' market in the country. All of the vendors are set up around the capital building.

I don't think we'll join a CSA this year so I'd like to try to buy as much of our produce as possible at farmers' markets in the area. It made me happy today to find lettuce. I wasn't sure if there would be any available. I know very little about what can be grown where and what's in season when, I have a lot of learning to do. We also bought tomatoes, garlic, red potatoes, green beans, strawberries, cheese and fresh pepper-cheese bread. YUM.

It was a perfect Saturday morning...

Happy Weekend


And then there was 4... said...

I want to move there with you

Karen said...

Our nearest farm market is too far for me to bother driving to. I know there are some Amish around here somewhere with roadside stands, but I haven't been able to locate them. So, we buy from the local produce section of our supermarket if we don't have it in our garden (which is really taking off, by the way).
You'll be able to grow an awesome garden on all your land at your new place!

MamáChanga said...

It looks absolutely beautiful there. I understand totally about your dh being stressed, that's an awful lot of yard work.

Hugs & Blessings!

gardngirl said...

I ran across your blog when visiting Dagorgeouses... Your pictures are so beautiful and I have to say I totally wish I was moving there (Wiscon-zen) too. :)

Two years ago my parents who are Ca natives moved to Minnesota. It is absolutely beautiful there and a great place for family. Best wishes to you and have fun on your new adventure.