Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun-due night.

My father-in-law and his wife gave us a fondue set a few years ago. I don't think we ever used it, so we decided we would try it out last night. We used a recipe from this book:

I would give you the specific recipe, but truth be told it didn't turn out that great. We chose a cheddar, roasted garlic, and Zinfandel fondue. The Zinfandel was red, so it made the fondue a very unappetizing shade of pinkish-red. I thought I would spare you a picture of the finished product. I think next time we will try a more basic three cheese recipe. We used an aged cheddar that we picked up at the farmers' market last Saturday- VERY tasty:

Unfortunately for my backside (and frontside, and middle, and top, and bottom) I love cheese. And I now live in Wisconsin. Ay dios.

I roasted two garlic bulbs. In the movie "Sophie's Choice", Meryl Streep's (best actress ever in the best role ever) character, Sophie, talks about wine as being what she pictures the angels in heaven drinking (or something like that, it's been awhile). Whenever I taste something really, I mean REALLY good, I think of that scene in the movie. This is how I feel about roasted garlic. Truly heavenly. It turns into a sweet, soft mass of goodness. If you've never tasted it, you must try it- soon. You'll thank me.

We cut up potatoes, broccoli, and of course bread. Not exactly the most well balanced and nutritious meal, I'll admit. I also wanted to have red bell pepper, they didn't have any at the grocery store which I thought was rather strange. Are they not in season or something? I don't recall seeing any at the farmers' market.

I don't think we'll ever break out the fondue pot for a weeknight dinner again, but occasionally on the weekends I think it will be fun. Especially as the little flower becomes more interested in helping mommy cook. Oooohh, and we could melt chocolate for dessert. Now that would be fun. Am I right?

After dinner, we played in the yard with our dog. This is a fun new part of our daily routine. Do/did any of you let your babies run around in just a diaper in the summertime? I think it's totally fine. My husband questioned whether it made us unfit parents- only half joking.

We took a long drive after changing the little one into her PJ's. This is a wildlife preservation area not too far from our house:

I could go for a drive every night and never get tired of the views around here. Farm after farm as far as the eye can see...mixed with fireflies at dusk and this beautiful thing in the backseat,

it's almost too much for a girl to take...


Karen said...

I LOVE fondue! We have a great fondue place about 45 minutes from here, but it's super-expensive, so it's only a once-a-year thing.

MamáChanga said...

I've never had fondue, it's not in our culinary repetoire (ie. it does not go with rice, beans, pizza or chicken nuggets)---LOL!!

I'm so glad you're enjoying your new home. Those pics are FAB!

Hugs & Blessings!