Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coccinellidae Situation

I like ladybugs and all but they're taking over our house. Seriously, it reminds me of this video:

5D and EX1 Lady Bug Swarm from Michael Ramsey on Vimeo.

Isn't it groovy (love the song)? Poppy was afraid of ladybugs until she saw this. Now she loves to point them out to us and tell us how unafraid she is of them:

Is this just a seasonal Wisconsin thing? Ladybug infestation? I hope that's the case and that this isn't something unique to our house. They say a lady always knows when to leave. Apparently these gals didn't get the memo. I'm off to Google University to figure out what's going on. Wish me luck!


Stephanie said...

This seems to happen whenever it gets really cold and then warms up. The big clumps of them gross me out, I can't help it. :) You can suck them up in a shop vac or something and empty them outside...most of them make it. ;)

NANA said...

Holly be careful to find out if they are the stink ones .Ohio had them 1 year and if they dir(or youkill them) or vaccuum them up the STINK is horrible and they can and will BITE LOVE YA NANA

Donna Boucher said...

They can be stinky! Isn't that weird?

I love how they accumulate in the window sills.

I really love that you are blogging.

Your photography will improve more rapidly as you are encouraged to get that camera out and practice every day!

Nickie said...

We have the same invasion every year about this time! They are gross, but the vacuum usually takes care of the problem. :)