Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A much overdue thanks to PawPaw and Mimi for a wonderful long weekend in the Dells! Poppy is still talking about it and has been asking to decorate cookies "like Mimi did". You win best costumes:)

Our costumes this year,

a black cat*:

a little pumpkin:

a pile of leaves:

a...a...I'm at a loss for words:

like father, like daughter:

I think we'll walk to a handful of homes in our neighborhood so Poppy can try to trick or treat. It'll be her first time and I'll be shocked if we can get her to say "trick or treat". She might surprise me but I think she'll prefer to stay home and hand out candy.

Have a spooky, scary, and safe weekend!

*I bought two pumpkin costumes from a consignment sale a while back but Poppy refuses to wear hers (surprise, surprise), so Aunt Sheree saved the day and gave us the cat costume. Thanks Ree-you rock:)

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