Thursday, March 13, 2008

Only in L.A.

We've experienced a few celebrity sightings over the past five years in the Los Angeles area. In general, I think celebrities are pretty useless. I would much rather our culture be enamored with ordinary people that do extraordinary things--not to be cliche. But...I have to admit that I was a little star-struck by Jessica Alba . I saw her twice. What's up with that?
Then there was the time I was on Bringing Home Baby for 17.2 seconds. The show was filming a couple I was discharging home with their new little bundle. That doesn't happen everyday or just anywhere now does it?
But the most interesting L.A. experience for me happened just the other night. As I flipped through the television channels I saw a familiar face that at first I had trouble placing. After watching for a few more seconds I realized--it's my OB/GYN...on television...and not just on television...on her OWN SHOW, a reality show about her and her two partners and their "teeming inner-city" OB/GYN practice. Check it out tonight Tuesdays at 10PM on Discovery Health and see where my little flower came into the world and who brought her into it. Thanks Dr. Hill and Dr. Bohn!

note to selves:
schedule appt. with Dr. Hill (overdue by 3 months already)
be sure to wear something decent (black would be good) to appt....just in case
a little lipstick/mascara wouldn't hurt either...again...just in case

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