Thursday, March 20, 2008

Allow me to redeem myself.

Okay...this: "Reading about other people's lives brings me the same satisfaction as seeing into people's homes at night when I'm driving or walking by"-- sounds down right creepy. This is an excerpt from my first post in which I try to explain my newly found interest in blogs. What the...? I'm surprised the authorities haven't come a-knockin'. While I work on expressing myself better and not getting arrested, here are a few of my favorites for you to peruse at your leisure (I'm forewarning you, you may become addicted or maybe I'm just a big dork who indeed needs to get a hobby):

SouleMama-- This was the first blog I discovered. She makes me want to sew. And bake. And have lots of babies.

I Pretty Much Hate Everything-- The sarcastic, cynical side of me likes this one. She has a little one like me. And she lives in my favorite city of all time.

Mom in Madison-- This one makes me feel truly giddy about being able to raise my little flower in such a wonderful place. She has a cool website, too.

Dooce-- How is it that some people are such hilarious writers? And others (like...I don't know...Me) sound like rambling psychiatric patients.

and my most favorite blog of all, the one that the only child in me wants to keep all to myself but that just wouldn't be right is......

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman-- Can. Not. Get. Enough. Calf nuts, recipes, and Photoshop tips-- what more could a girl ask for?

You can all thank me later-- or not:)

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