Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Impulse control anyone?

I am overweight. Plump. Portly. That's right. I admit it. I am actively seeking to change this fact. It is bad for my health and I want to be around long enough to not just know but actually play with my grandchildren. It also sets a bad example for my little one. Not that being fat is bad (no judgment here), it's just that it's bad for you. I firmly believe that you are what you eat and I intend to teach this to my children. The only problem is that while walking today I remembered that last year after Easter, CVS had lots of Easter candy on sale. So, since I had to go to the library and would be out anyway--who am I kidding? I couldn't get there fast enough for these babies:

note to selves: look into obtaining patent for pill similar to the one that alcoholics take that make them sick if alcohol is ingested but that reacts to key ingredient in Reese's eggs

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