Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have too much time on my hands.

Well, here I go. My very first post on my brand new blog. I don't exactly know why I feel compelled to start a blog. I believe it to be somewhat narcissistic. I've yet to start scrapbooking even though I have more scrapbooking supplies than seems reasonable. My apartment is a mess. I could be using this valuable time (my cute little flower is napping) learning how to use Photoshop- the same Photoshop my husband gave me last June for my birthday that I have yet to use because it's intimidating. And it goes without saying that I should be doing yoga or some form of physical activity. Instead, I am sitting at the computer typing.

I just recently discovered blogs (what can I say, I'm behind the times) and I have become addicted to a few. Some folks are so funny and creative (not me) and I love it. Reading about other people's lives brings me the same satisfaction as seeing into people's homes at night when I'm driving or walking by. It sounds crazy I know. I like to see what they have hanging on their walls and how the furniture is arranged. It's interesting to me to see someone standing at their kitchen window doing dishes; I often wonder what they are thinking. I guess I am a voyeuristic narcissist.

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NikkiAttack said...

Welcome to blogging. Photoshop is a bit scary. I think I will buy a book that explains photoshop to me, or else I may never use mine! Good luck with your blog!