Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fight Club

I think my Poppy has inherited my sleep disorder. I don't recall ever having sleep issues until college, during which it was not unusual for me to stay up all night, just not able to sleep. When 5 am rolled around I would get dressed and go to the gym. Boy are those days long gone. This is not to say I don't like to sleep, of that there is no question. My husband and I? We like our sleep. I think our marriage would have some serious issues if we didn't both respect the other's need for sleep.

As I type, this is what I hear from the other room:

Poppy: "Mom......my.....mom.....my.....mom.....my.....mom.....my". She doesn't need anything, besides maybe a shot of Benadryl.

My sleep issues went from bad to worse when I starting working 7p-7a as a nurse. Sure it was only three days a week, but let me tell you I can totally see why working the night shift takes years off of one's life. I swear I read that somewhere. You go from desperately needing to fall asleep even though your body doesn't really feel like it at 10am, to desperately wanting to close your eyes for just five minutes to make it through the night. It ain't fun. So, be kind to your night nurses:)

It doesn't help my sleep situation that I am a night owl. My husband thinks this is all in my head because he is a morning person. He could and would go to bed at 8pm every night if he had his choice. I never can. And he wakes up in a great mood. I never do. In fact, if I'm asleep by 11pm it's because I'm sick and on cold medicine. More often than not I'm up well past midnight. I get a mental second wind and my mind just will not relax.

So, when my precocious daughter refuses to fall asleep at night and insists on singing every song in her repertoire, I can't be upset with her. If she's not tired, she's not tired. It isn't her fault. I'm hoping things will get better once she gives up her nap, but I think she's destined to be a sleep fighter like her mother. I guess if this is the case, the good news is that when she gets older and it's age appropriate, I'll have a late night movie watching partner? Or maybe she's just being a normal almost three year old. It's anybody's guess.

I think she's finally out. Either that or she's temporarily lost her voice due to the strain placed on her vocal cords from the roughly five thousand songs just forced through them. Again, anybody's guess. I'm off to kiss foreheads...please let them be sleeping:)

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Nikki said...

Talia has always been a bad sleeper as well. The "nighttime routine" used to take hours and hours and I would often stay with her until she fell asleep because that took less time. She gave up her nap at home when she was 3 yrs and 2 months but they still "made" her nap at preschool. They said she was usually the first kid to fall asleep. No matter what, she still didn't go to bed until 9:30pm or later.

There has been a big change since she started Kindergarten. It's the first time ever that she has had to get up in the morning. She used to sleep until after 8am sometimes 9; now she has to get up before 7. Unfortunately I do too. I would NEVER have instituted a strict bedtime before-- because I would never have wanted to get up any earlier than I had too but it has done wonders. Bath at 7pm, reading at 7:30, bed at 8, always done with the kids by 8:30. Both of them. It has been a lot better for my family and for Ron and me.

Last night Ron was on call so things were a little different and I was dealing with Alex (!? Maybe he's coming down with something...) on and off until 10 and I was cranky and exhausted. Just three months ago that would have been a normal time to be finishing up the kids!

I don't think this anecdote will help your situation with Poppy but know that things can change-- if they have to!