Monday, November 9, 2009


That's the kind of weather we had this weekend, appreciated that much more after the cold, rainy October we had here in Wisconsin. Chris was on call and gone both days until close to 7pm so it was just me with the girls, but I was determined to get outside and enjoy what could very well be our last nice weekend until the Spring. This led to my discovery of a new room in our house- the garage! Sure I knew it was a great place to keep our trash cans and recycling bins, lawn and garden supplies, and vehicles, but I'd underestimated it's value as a play area until this weekend.

The doors went up and out we went. Poppy roamed freely as I cleaned my car and then the garage itself. I swept and organized and brought in Poppy's picnic table for the winter, which she then took great pleasure in cleaning so that lunch could be had. I took advantage of the beautiful lighting and practiced with my camera. Chloe watched from her car seat until she fell asleep. It was such a hit we did the same thing on Sunday! I love our garage. It was tops on our 'must-have' list when we were house hunting after having lived without one for so long. We excluded many adorable, charming, old homes because they didn't have a garage. If having a garage is wrong, I don't want to be right:)

I know it's hard to believe that I have something even more exciting to tell you about than the weather and my garage, but I do! Look what my little almost-three-year-old is doing all by herself:

"Daddy is going to be impressed", she said. And she was right.

So long pushbar, see you in a few years!

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