Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Please tell me I should not be worried. Hi Mr. President!

So I use Sitemeter and more recently Google Analytics to monitor traffic to my blog. For the non-blogging readers who might not be familiar, this basically lets me know how many people view my blog on any given day, what search words were used to find my blog, geographic data, and a lot of other stats. I think it's the coolest thing to see a visitor from another country (or really any visitor). I'm easily amused. Anyhoo...I'd say about half of my visitors are via Google Images because of this photo:


It kind of creeps me out. Surely this innocent butt scratching toddler is not inviting the perverts. I would love to know why this photo is so popular. Any ideas bloggers? Do any of you get a lot of hits due to any single photo? Is there a way to extract key words from Google Images? Should I remove the photo or mark it in some way? What search words do you think one might use to find this image? Please, do tell:)

p.s. President Obama is in Madison today! He will be speaking at an elementary school in town and they are keeping everything very hush, hush. Otherwise, I would totally be wherever I needed to be to see him. I'm sure he would be nice enough to let me snap a picture of him with the girls while I gave him my .02 about this healthcare reform stuff:)


Stephanie said...

Remove it. What search words does it show up under?? (butt scratching toddler?) :) It's darling but if it's being seen, a lot, it might be being used for something. I hate to say that but it's true. I have one of Ruby I'm going to post with her plumber's crack showing but I won't put "plumber's crack toddler" in the post or the pervs will come around. Just a little blogging tip for you. :) Those site meters are so good for that sort of thing. I have one post where James was talking about our ornaments and he called them "holiday hookers." Man, do I get the hits for that one come December.

Donna Boucher said...

Yes. I would take it down.
People are passing it around and tagging it.
They are not doing this for a wholesome reason.

I do not even post pictures of people eating a lollipop or Popsicle because freaks get sick ideas.

There are some pictures of Katie that have her hair all disheveled and she must look too sexy.

Those are the pictures that are stolen.